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Women's Health

By Lizzie Odegaard

September 2018

In collaboration with Mugie and The Moyo Foundation, we are bringing access to medical supplies, resources, and education, to women in Kenya’s rural tribal communities. Our women's health outreach clinics are based on the premise of empowering women, allowing them autonomy over their own bodies. Women, traditionally, don’t have a say in the family’s affairs, education of their children, or where and how to spend meager family funds, and they don’t have a say in how many children they have, or how often. Bringing women access to family planning services so that they can space out their children, our mobile clinics introduce a choice in the most sensitive and sustainable way possible, with an emphasis on the importance of awareness and education, the benefit to the woman, her body, her finances, and her family,  and the environment, of having fewer children. Also mindful of the waste produced by disposable menstrual towels, as well as the difficulty and expense of  accessing them, Moyo brings The Grace Cup (reusable and durable silicon menstrual cups) to women.
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