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Coming Together for Women's Economic Empowerment

Ekorian already collaborates with The Moyo Foundation to encourage economic empowerment of local craftspeople - but on a small scale. Now, we're joining with Mugie and HTK to expand our reach! The aim of this long-term, multi-stage project, is to empower local women's groups through economic knowledge and skill, promote unity within and between tribal communities, and nurture the success of women and mothers, supporting the benefits that has for their families. Heavenly Treasures Kenya (HTK) supports the micro enterprise network in Kenya - equipping individuals to become self-sustaining through the development of their  handicraft businesses. They focus on product development and innovation, marketing and market access, and business administration/book keeping. With the success of these endeavors, artisans can  afford school fees for their children, feed their families, access better healthcare services, expand and grow their businesses.  

HTK came to Mugie and carried out an analysis of the potential of organizing a project here. They got to know Mugie and the local Pokot tribe,  identified the societal and logistical challenges associated with this endeavour, articulated the objectives, determined an implementation strategy, and gave us a  number for the financial investment that this would require. Deciding to move forward with this program, HTK will work with the local Pokot community from now until the end of March 2020. HTK has broken it down into seven segments: baseline survey/workshop (please read about it below), Enhancing Financial and Business Management Skills, Promoting Democratic Participation and Accountability, Understanding the Market (this includes the participation in a local exhibition/show), Improving Innovation and Production Techniques, Primary Health, and finally, the Monitoring and Evaluation/ Project Wrap-up and Report Writing.

Mother and child health contribute hugely to the productivity of women. The training will include a component of primary health with specific areas on pre- and antenatal care, immunization schedules, adherence to medication when prescribed, and interaction with health care providers. We will supplement this training with outreach health services from the Moyo Mobile Clinic which will provide women with diagnosis and treatment of health conditions (or referral if needed).

The financial requirement of this multi-stage, multi-month program is $9000 USD. We want to sponsor the "Primary Healthcare" segment in January which is $800. Our goal is to raise this money by the end of November. This is completely do-able with the help of Moyo's supporters. Be one of eight people who donate $100, or one of sixteen people who donate $50, or one of 32 people who donate $25. Will you help us? Please consider a donation online through If you'd like to learn more about the project, email


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