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Be sure there are a sufficient number of blank visa pages for entry into each country on your itinerary. 

Make sure your passport is valid for at least six months past your departure date. 

Bring a few extra passport photos to use for visas if required; and make a few copies of your passport. 




If planning to purchase your visa on arrival, please have your cash counted and ready in your carry-on in order.


Health Certificates


Pack your vaccination certificates with your important papers (check what is required according to your country of origin).


Recommended Accessories and Toiletries

Sun-glasses with broad-spectrum UV protection

Broad-spectrum (or 25 SPF +) sunscreen

Extra pair of prescription glasses and a copy of the prescription (if you wear them)

Carry binoculars for game viewing and long-distance sighting. A lightweight six-power pair will most likely be adequate 

A small, lightweight flashlight 

Electric razors and hair dryers are a problem because of voltage - use battery-run appliances and take extra batteries

Insect repellant 

Moist towelettes are useful to freshen up

Lip balm (with SPF) and moisturizing creams are especially useful for dry climates

Hat; Bandana for dust and or cooling 

Any medication you are taking; Pain reliever cream; Antiseptic cream; Motion sickness pills; Band-aids; Anti-diarrhea medicine; Allergy medication; Eye drops

Personal toiletries

Rucksack/day bag

Reading materials; Journal with pen

TSA Luggage Locks

Universal Power Plug Adaptor

Recommended packing

3 Pairs of light cotton trousers/shorts

1 Pair cotton long trousers suitable for walking in the bush

1 Pair jeans or long trousers for evening

3 Short sleeve shirts

2 Long sleeve shirts

1 Pair lightweight walking shoes

1 Pair comfortable shoes for the evening

1 Pair flip-flops or sandals

5 Pairs of socks

10 Pairs of undergarments

1 Swimsuit

1 Fleece or jumper

1 Light jacket or windbreaker

* Please Note - Packing Restrictions*

For light aircraft flights on safari, soft-sided duffle style bags are required in order to fit into the storage hold. Strict weight restrictions are enforced for all luggage, in Kenya, the maximum weight is 33lbs. 

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